Scottish Football Bits and Pieces

I've stumbled across various artefacts, sites and similar in my travels and research, some of which don't strictly fit into my current lines of study, but which are nevertheless fascinating. Thought I better share them here, with links to relevant further information - enjoy.

1 Annan Charity (Football) Cup

Stored in Annan Museum

In my research for ground locations for Solway Star (played in Annan), I visited Annan Museum to see if they had any information that might help me in my quest.

The staff there were INCREDIBLY helpful, couldn't do enough to help me, and in the course of our discussions asked if I'd seen the Annan Charity (football) Cup. No I had not, so I was taken to see it.

It was competed for in 1938 and 1939 and then between 1947 and 1952. It was donated to the museum by the grandson of a player for one of the (last?) winning teams. There seems to be very little information about the Cup, so if you can provide any details, the museum would love to hear from you.

Details of Annan Museum here.

Annan Charity (football) Cup on show in a display cabinet at Annan Museum

Annan Charity Cup on show at Annan Museum

2 Kinmount FC

Early Southwest Scotland Football

Whilst Queen's Park were busy arranging matches as a way of promoting and establishing football in Scotland, could something else have been happening independently some 80 miles further south?

Football historian Richard McBrearty has a fascinating account about this, details here.

Image of a blog post about early Scottish football development

Blog post about Scottish football development

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