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I've always been interested in football and, as an exiled Scot, I decided in early 2022, that I'd like find out a bit more about the teams that I recognised from Saturday afternoon football results but which in some cases I knew very little more. This led to a self guided tour of the grounds in the summer of 2022 and other topics such as looking at who got promoted (or elected) into the leagues and who lost out to relegation (or were not re-elected) over the years, the teams that played in the short lived Division Three of the 1920s and other bits and pieces.

Does anyone recognise the ground in the banner image above? Use the Contact Me link at the foot of the page and I'll tell you whether or not you're correct.

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The Ground Tour

Football Ground Tour with a Difference

Picture of my car in front of rolling hills, parked up facing north on the A9 just south of Dalwhinnie

So I decided that in the summer of 2022 I was going to do a tour of the 42 grounds in the Scottish Professional Football League. Then I thought I might extend it slightly and make it slightly more personal. So I did a bit of research and then fired up the MR2 …

Ups & Downs

Promotion and Relegation Through the Years

Picture of football results and league tables as printed in a Sunday newspaper

There are plenty of websites out there that catalogue Scottish Football League winners, Scottish Cup winners and similar, but one thing that I couldn't really find was a listing of when clubs entered the league(s), got relegated, dropped out, were re-elected and similar. This is my attempt to record just that …

Scottish Football League Division Three

Football in the 1920s

Picture of what's left of the abandoned pitch as used by Nithsdale Wanderers in the 1920s

After the First World War, the Scottish Football League decided to expand the leagues and created a Division Three for season 1923-24. This saw a number of 'new' clubs promoted into the league system, this is a look at the teams that got in but then somehow slipped away …

Football Loose Ends

Things Uncovered During my Travels

Picture of a football trophy as held on display at Annan Museum

There are a few bits and pieces that I've come across during my trips and research which don't fit exactly into what I'm doing, but are nonetheless interesting and / or fascinating (to me at least). Find out more …

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Self portait photo of John Gatheral in front of the entrance gates at the Montrose Football Club ground

The tour of the 42 grounds in the Scottish Professional Football League - Stranraer to Dingwall - carried out over 6 days in the summer of 2022, plus a few extra ones to make the whole thing a bit more personal …

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